Haunted House

My wife and I dropped in a real estate open house in our neighborhood this afternoon. We’re not shopping, but it’s a usually a fun diversion to get decor ideas. Something we do often.

But I am haunted by this one.

This house was clearly occupied by a man, living alone. Neatly kept, but sparsely furnished, with several unused bedrooms. Three large bookshelves in the game room were filled to the brim with books. All of them spy thrillers and horror fiction. Tom Clancy, Stephen King and the like. All very alpha-male stuff.

Then there were the two large refrigerator-sized gun safes. And a mini-fridge sized safe in the bedroom which I have to assume had handguns.

No one needs that many guns.

It was creepy. It this the neighbor you get in a road rage squabble with that goes South? Likely not, but it’s hard not to go there with all the gun violence.