Me: Still working on Chemistry?

Son: Yes. Had to figure it out because I stopped listening to my teacher.

Me: Why?

Son: He told the class the 2nd law of thermodynamics proves that evolution is wrong, which is like arguing that because of gravity birds can’t exist, and I couldn’t keep listening to him.

Me: Which one is the 2nd law?

Son: Entropy.

Me: That only applies in a closed system, right?

Son: Yes. I mean, left alone, my room can only get more dirty over time, but I can totally come in here with a vacuum and clean it.

Me: So, is he saying that because of entropy, cells could never have organized themselves with some intelligent intervention?

Son: Yes. He teaches AP Biology, Dad. I can’t take AP Biology.

Me: I tend to agree.

(PS - it’s fun watching your kids grow up)